Competent Legal Advise.

Legal Advise is a matter of trust and confidence. Your enterprise but also you personally are welcomed to built on Quality and Lifetime Experience when using eberle advisory as your law firm in Switzerland.


We are happy to support you in the following issues:

  • Company Law / Contracts / Negotiations
  • Founding of your Company
  • Notary Public 
  • Marriage and Inheritance contracts 
  • Domiciliation / Administration of your Company
  • Due Diligence / Compliance
  • Liability Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Penal Law / investigative Actions
  • Traffic Law
  • General Services in Legal Consulting

Further we are delighted to support you with our team in the following fields:


Beat Eberle; Attorney at Law, Notary Public

Beat Eberle studied law at the Universities of St. Gallen and Bern, where he graduated with a Masters Degree (MLaw). He then qualified as a lawyer in the canton of St. Gallen and worked as a public prosecutor in Heerbrugg and Flums as well as in a law firm in Flums, before becoming chief of the criminal investigation department of the canton of Schwyz and later chief of the cantonal police of Graubünden.

As a lawyer and notary public, Beat Eberle has specialised in activities in the economic field (contract law, company law, liability law, etc.). Due to his professional experience, he also has the necessary expertise in penal law as well as in the investigative field (ascertaining facts in liability proceedings, etc.) as well as in the areas of security and risk management.


Beat Eberle is admitted to the bar in Switzerland and is a notary public.

Kevin Kleger; Attorney at Law, Notary Public, MLaw

Kevin Kleger studied at the Universities of Zurich and St. Gallen and graduated with a Master's degree in law. He then worked as an associate at a District Court and later in a law firm in St. Gallen.


His core activities as a lawyer include legal advice and representation of private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, primarily in the areas of contract, corporate and criminal law, and in the context of estate and pension planning (national and international).
Kevin Kleger is admitted to the bar in Switzerland and is a public notary in the canton of 
St. Gallen.