Use in crisis areas and danger zones

Preparation protects

Not every specialist is used to dealing with the typical dangers in crisis areas. Not only are there diseases lurking that need to be prevented, safety also depends to a large extent on correct behaviour in such areas.


Employees who have to carry out work in zones with a recognised higher risk must therefore not only be appropriately equipped, but also trained. Often the wrong behaviour (e.g. visiting bars outside the safe zones, travelling alone, using unprotected vehicles outside the safe areas, even conspicuous clothing, jewellery or loose handling of money etc.) leads to a significantly increased risk. But also a lack of training (operation of the radio, compilation of a connection table, contact with local police authorities, compilation of emergency equipment, use of an irritant spray, etc.) means that it is no longer possible to react effectively to the danger.


With relatively simple measures, employees can be optimally prepared for deployment in sensitive areas.