Integral understood security.

Integral security assessment of your company

Security knows many facets and affects your company or project comprehensively. The protection of your perimeter, a security check of your personnel, the protection of your data or the right behavior in an emergency (such as a fire or a rampage), are also part of it. Security permeates your business at all levels, begins with each individual employee, includes external relations, technology, safeguards, behavior, and most importantly, the CEO and board of directors.

This is because these management bodies are legally responsible for the safety of the

employees and the corporate assets entrusted to them. And even slight negligence is enough to trigger unpleasant criminal and civil proceedings against these management bodies.


Taking risks seriously:

Corporate management is responsible for the safety of employees and corporate assets.


It's like the fire brigade: as long as there is no fire, you can only see the effort but in the event of an incident we need it urgently, quickly, competently and prepared for everything. To rely on the fact that "fires" only affect the others is literally a "game with fire".

To assess the risks cleanly and thoroughly and to take appropriate precautions to minimise the probability of occurrence (e.g. protective measures, training of employees in risk areas etc.) or to cope with events (e.g. training of a crisis team, preparation of a communication concept etc.) is a fundamental management activity.

Reasons for a safety inspection

  • Risk management and / or business continuity management are not "up to date". The company must be made crisis-proof against major events (fire, rampage, etc.).
  • Employees are sent to crisis areas and require situational training.
  • Company goods or secrets are in danger and must be protected.
  • Reputation-damaging security gaps must be closed.
  • Employees, applicants, business partners or customers must be checked.
  • Internal irregularities must be investigated.