Security Concepts

Identify risks and countermeasures in good time

Risks that can damage a company are manifold and often not obvious. They also differ diametrically from each other, depending on the business area. One might think of them:


Danger to life and limb of employees

  • Handling hazardous substances
  • Physical presence in conflict zones or danger zones
  • obsolete or ineffective protective equipment
  • non-existent emergency concepts
  • not practiced behaviour in case of bad events (e.g. fire / amok run)

Danger to life and limb of third parties

  • Cause of accidents
  • Neglect of protection mechanisms

Danger to corporate assets

  • fires
  • natural disasters
  • Burglary / theft / data loss / data theft etc.
  • Sabotage / terrorist attacks

Danger to the reputation of the company

  • Neglect of security (recklessness)
  • Causing damage, e.g. to humans or the environment
  • inadequate preparation for crisis management
  • Poor training of key personnel

In any case, management is measured by what it has done as a precaution to minimize risk and what it can do to manage events. A conscientious analysis of potential risks, appropriate measures to avert or minimise them and thorough preparation and contingency planning for the eventuality of an event help to keep the damage to reputation to a minimum and even to emerge strengthened from an event.