Crisis management - a question of preparation

Sovereign action in the crisis

Not every boss is a suitable crisis manager. It is therefore important to identify, train and prepare those at an early stage who have the ability to make timely and useful decisions under the greatest pressure.


If a crisis organisation is prepared, the company can quickly slip into this role and act instead of reacting. By forming an ad hoc crisis management team, practising the individual roles, preparing the basis for decision-making, communication concepts, etc., order is immediately restored to chaos, allowing the company to act internally and externally and appear confident.


The crisis management team is put together according to the suitability of the existing personnel; the necessary functions (e.g. head of the team, internal communication, external communication, situation presentation, journalism, financial representative, head of operations, logistics manager, etc.) are determined and regularly practised on the basis of scenarios. Those responsible immediately recognise which services are required of them in the crisis and how to enable the crisis team as a whole to manage them in a sustainable, concentrated and professional manner.