Correct situation analysis

Realistic Risk Assessment

A fact-based assessment of the risk factors that can jeopardize the success of a company as a whole is a strategic measure. Security incidents jeopardize the success of a company in many ways. Not only can important, confidential information fall into the wrong hands or burglars overcome the security precautions and damage the company through theft, also health, in many areas even life, the employee can be unnecessarily endangered due to inadequate training, preparation or security precautions. If a company is to blame for a lack of security precautions, it can easily damage its reputation, especially if the topic is taken up by the media and the shortcomings are obvious.


Particularly in such cases, it is of enormous importance that the members of the company's management take on a crisis-proof organisational structure and are able to lead in difficult situations. The time between the occurrence of a difficult situation and the taking over of the crisis-oriented management organisation (e.g. crisis management team) in a company is decisive as to whether action can or must be taken.