Due diligence reviews

Care in dealing with unknown third parties

Of course, there are always situations in which one examines a business activity with previously unknown third parties. Reliable information about the potential business partner, his business activity, the legality of his activities etc. is of great value. The guidelines of the reputable companies always provide for a due diligence review and usually have a standardized set of forms for this purpose. Only in a few cases, however, is the potential new business partner checked physically, i.e. on site. Location, condition of production facilities, offices, personnel, commercial register entries and much more are meaningful indicators of whether a company is reputable and suitable as a business partner. A solid due diligence check on site later also protects against a possible accusation of negligence.


In several cases, Beat Eberle has brought relevant facts to light during due diligence reviews on site, which would not have become known with a purely formal review and thus contributed to the serious company deceiving itself about the characteristics of a possible new business partner and later prevented an unpleasant surprise.